Our Mission

We're hard at work building an AI-driven virtual creature that's as unique, lovable and surprising as our own pets.

We're a team of veteran game developers who have come together to build digital experiences with universal appeal, endless fun and enduring meaning. We bring to the task decades of experience shipping world-class titles, from old-school classics to next-generation VR and MR experiences.

As creators, we embrace the elements of risk and the unexpected in a game, moments of emergence that leave room for surprise, delight and creativity. At the same time, we know the discipline and judgement it takes to take a product to market, reliably and at the highest quality.

Working in mixed reality challenges us to look beyond games for inspiration, to how we live and play in the real world. When we connect with an audience on this level, we can build something with true emotional power and universal appeal.

We think it's the game industry's next big adventure, and ours too.

Our Values

We value collaboration and continuous improvement. We encourage sharing unique experiences and ideas, and we promote cross-disciplinary work. We believe in prototyping quickly, making mistakes and learning from them. We strive for transparency, clear goals, and clear results. We value quality of life: when people here have room to live their best lives, we all benefit.

We value integrity, transparency, focus, kindness, candor, rigor, ambition, creativity, diversity of thought and opinion—in no particular order. Because we’ll shuffle the stack rank of those traits depending on the situation.

We will never cover up poor planning with crunch. We will never use crunch to extract maximum ‘value’ out of our team members. We know giving 100% isn’t sustainable; you’ll need rest. And forget about giving 110%. That’s not even math.

Our goal is to ship products that matter to people, now and twenty years from now, to make games that surprise and delight, and expand what anyone thought the medium is capable of. And—last but not least—to build a company with a supportive, inclusive culture we can be proud of.

Our Background

We’re a small, highly experienced game and XR development team who have worked on high-profile titles across PC, console, mobile and XR.

Our CEO and CTO have nearly five decades of game development experience between them, with leadership roles on XR products from Oculus and Meta. As artists, developers, roducers, designers and storytellers, we've done groundbreaking, memorable work across the game industry and beyond. ( Read more about the team → )

These are just a few titles we’re proud to have been part of:

Our Investors